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Rockingham is a suburb of Perth, Western Australia, located 47 km south-south-west of the city center. To get to Rockingham from the airport, you need a reliable taxi.

If you are looking for a comfortable and reliable airport transfer service that operates to and from Perth domestic and international airport to Rockingham, then you have come to the right place.

At Elegant Airport Transfers, we ensure that your taxi ride is a memorable one that helps wear off the fatigue of your flight.

When you book a Rockingham taxi on your way to the airport or after landing, our services would leave you amazed. In what ways, you may wonder?

Foremost, our drivers are experts and are well-trained to ensure that your ride doesn’t turn out to be bumpy and uncomfortable.

More so, our drivers are NEVER late and are ALWAYS on time for pickups and drop-offs. At the appointed time you arrive, our driver would be waiting to receive you and your luggage. 

Plus, we don’t hide other charges from clients when booking. We give a quote that shows the total and fixed amount you’re going to pay for the ride. We would never ask you to pay any extra fee that’s not contained in the fixed amount.

While booking Rockingham Airport Transfers services, you can either have your payment in cash or online while booking.

Additionally, our fleet of vehicles is neat and has up to the art facilities to ensure your comfortability.

How It Works?



Begin your travel with ease. Provide your pick-up and drop-off spots, allowing us to initiate your Elegant Airport Transfer promptly and conveniently. Your journey starts where you are.


Travel comfortably. Let us know your baggage count, so we can ensure ample space for your belongings during your Elegant Airport Transfer. We make room for your peace of mind.


Enjoy savings on your journey. Apply any available discounts to enhance the affordability of your Elegant Airport Transfer experience. Your comfort comes with added value.
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Why Pick Taxi Rockingham Airport Transfer?

Meet & Greet Service :
Your driver will wait for you in the arrival hall

After you alight from the plane, you don’t need to go through the whole hassle of moving languages about, looking for a taxi. A great benefit of choosing a taxi Rockingham is that your chauffeur would readily be available in the arrival hall awaiting you. Even in the event of your flight being delayed your driver would still wait till you arrive and help load your bags in the car. Preparing for the taxi ride that’s going to ease your flight tension.

No risk of being
overcharged by dishonest driver

One outrageous thing is being overcharged by dishonest cab drivers after a long flight. The exorbitant fee would put you off. However, with the best airport transfer service, you escape the risk of being duped by these dishonest drivers. This is because we don’t charge with a meter but have a fixed quoted fee that’s paid once while booking or is paid in cash to the driver. You wouldn’t need to pay an exorbitant fee to a driver who has tampered with his taxi meter just to take a few dollars off you.

Airport transfers have fixed-price (no taxi meter)

As rightly mentioned above, airport transfers have fixed prices and do not make use of taxi meters to charge clients. Booking a ride with an airport transfer service would prevent those dishonest drivers from ripping you off your hard-earned dollars.

Once you booked an airport transfer, the service is guaranteed

A booked trip is guaranteed! There’s no disappointment when you have already booked a taxi ride. Plus we guarantee you a smooth ride with quality service.

Airport transfers are often cheaper

Unlike Uber and its contemporaries, airport transfers are usually cheaper and the rates to be paid are fixed. More so, we have a flexible payment option. You can either pay with cash or pay while booking online.

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Special Treats

        -Onion Rings

             -Caveman Burger

    -Maple Bacon

Location: t214 Syren St, Rockingham WA 6168, Australia

OSTRO Eatery

Special Treats

            -House Cured Salmo


        -Beef Brisket

Location: 11A Rockingham Beach Rd, Rockingham WA 6168, Australia

Lavoro Italiano

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