Why You Should Have A Baby Seat in Your Taxi?



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Why You Should Have A Baby Seat in Your Taxi?

When travelling in a taxi with kids, parents need to take all precautions for the child’s safety. And the first and most important thing is to have a child seat berth. However, this may become a problem when travelling in taxis. There are many benefits of taxi with baby seat.

Avoid Accidents

No matter how safely the driver drives the car, one cannot predict road traffic or pedestrian accidents at times. But taking all the safety measures can keep your baby safe in such situations. The best way to ensure this safety is to book a taxi with a baby seat in Perth. This is important for making sure that the child suffers minimum injury.

The seats come with padding and cushioning to support the skull and tender spine in case the child falls. The seats also have a protective shell to support the head of the baby. It is secured to the seat with a belt. All the precautions are essential for a child’s protection, as their body is not fully developed, and the bones are still delicate.

Holds the Child in Place

Kids are always active and restless. They want to jump up and down or move even when travelling in a taxi. However, this can distract the driver and cause problems for other passengers. Hence, the best way to hold them in place is by having a taxi with an infant car seat.

Prevent the child from Slipping or Sliding

A seat belt is not enough to secure a small baby to the passenger seat. Due to height limits and small size, babies often tend to slip off the vehicle seat when fastened with only a seat belt. Hence, an infant seat is required to prevent your baby from sliding or slipping off.

Avoids the Risk of Injury

The diagonal shoulder strap may cut the neck of the baby, and the tether strap may press hard into the baby’s tummy. This can cause injury or make the condition of the baby worse. Such injuries can be avoided by using an infant travel car seat when travelling in a taxi.

Keeps the Child Safe When Speeding

There are times when taxi drivers have to travel at 80-100 miles per hour to get to your destination on time. This is when you need to take double precautions, which can only come by a belt-positioning booster seat for the baby. The seats come with snug straps and a lap belt that can prevent the baby from being in an unsafe position even when speeding.

Safety for the Child

It is a misconception that the child is best protected if they are held in the lap and strapped on the seatbelt. But this may not be a wise idea as your combined weight may restrain both you and the child from moving out in an emergency. Hence, it is better if the child is given a separate infant seat to extricate the child in a crisis.

Final Take

Therefore, if you are travelling with kids, make sure you book a taxi with a special child seat so that you can keep your child safe and secure and manage well in case of emergencies.

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